It’s now almost a week since the plug plants arrived, and to be honest the jury’s still out. The begonias certainly look better than they did, but neither they nor the geraniums have done much in the way of growing. Perhaps I should just be glad they’re still alive.

The original fuchsia cuttings are proper little plants now (7) and the second lot are still only about a two weeks old so are still in their plastic bag, but look OK as far as I can tell, though I nearly lost them today when they were in the sun for too long.Déjà vu.

The 126 hardy perennials are doing OK too, though there have been a couple of casualties, and the lobelia seedlings will soon be ready for pricking out.

The first lot of potatoes are mostly up, but sadly got caught by a bit of frost the other night. Not too bad though, so I’m sure they’ll recover. The other two lots are just beginning to show so hopefully will be less affected.

The broad beans are great, but then they always are. The peas look a bit eaten, despite their protection, as do the cauliflowers. Onions, shallots, leeks and garlic are doing fine, and the asparagus is starting to show.

The plants in the new strawberry bed are now beginning to look interested and the rhubarb is majestic. So far so good. The next thing to do is sow some sweetcorn and get some grow bags for the tomatoes.