They were right, there was a sharp frost last night. The poor daffodils were on their knees this morning, but had rallied by lunchtime. How do they do that? First the strong winds and now this, they really are having a rough time this Spring. Good job I covered the gunnera.

It’s been a glorious day once the frost went, so I spent quite a lot of time putting the canes in position in the vegetable beds, ready for when I plant my peas and beans out. I’ll have to harden them off first, and I’m hoping to start that process tomorrow. The forecast for next week is quite reasonable.It makes the actual planting out so much easier if I do the canes first.

I also got round to pricking out the lobelia seedlings. They really are fiddly to do, but hopefully they’ll be OK after my ham-fisted handling.

Things are gradually coming together, but I know I’ll be thrown into confusion again when the plug plants arrive in a week or two.