I’ve been checking on the seeds I sowed on the 26th and the news is not good. The lupins are romping on, and the mixed perennials are showing willing, the spring onions are struggling, but there is no sign whatsoever of the lobelias.

I noted last year that their germination was poor and sowed a second tranche. This year I’ve no more seeds left, so if they don’t show willing I’ll have to resort to some plug plants.

I’d prefer not to do this as I want quite a specific blue, which might not be widely available in plugs.

The second disappointment is the fuchsia cuttings. I took them on the 3rd, and I thought they looked OK, but today has been very sunny.

They usually stand on the dining room window-sill covered with a plastic bag, but as we were going out this afternoon I moved them iinto the centre of the room to protect them from the direct sun.

Sadly I was either too late in moving them or it was a lot hotter in the dining room than I expected. Whichever it was one lot, the red and whites, are now looking very sorry and very limp.

I’ll see what they look like tomorrow, but I think I might be looking at taking some more cuttings.

I’ve just been reading a book which suggests putting the cuttings in a small pot in a coffee jar, and screwing the lid on tightly until they root, giving them their own little micro-climate. That could be better and more conveniant than my method. I might give it a try.