The cauliflower seeds are now germinated, so I feel to be off to a flying start with my early veg; with the red onions and leeks already in go. I’m even thinking of getting my shallots planted out if the weather holds, but today I sowed some Spring Onions and flower seeds.

The flower seeds were, lobelia (erinus pendula ‘Marine Blue’), lupin (un-specified), hesperis matronalis (white) plus a mixture of hardy perennials.

In 2007 I had sent for some hardy perennial seeds from Chilterns Seeds. Having read their instructions on sowing, I decided to experiment and sowed a selection of ‘tall’ and ‘dwarf’ seeds in October of that year.

Not surprisingly germination and survival rate of these small plants was mixed, but quite a few did survive to be planted out into the garden in 2008. I also sowed some more seeds at the conventional time of Spring 2008, and these did have a higher success rate.

So now I’ve sown some more from the original batch (except the lupin). The trouble is, because they’re mixed, I don’t know what most of them are even when they grow. Anyway, I’m looking forward to a good germination rate again, and at least I’ll know what they look like even if I don’t know who they are.

The lupin seeds were gathered from the only plant from the original sowing that I actually recognised. It has grown into a lovely specimen, but I don’t know if it’s seeds will come true. Watch this space.