Not a very nice day today, so I stayed indoors and took some fuchsia cuttings. I’ve been threatening to do it for days and now I have.

As I said my ‘stock’ plants are a bit sorry this year, but I did manage to take 8 pale pink and 7 red and white ones. The names of the varieties have been lost in the mists of time, but the pink one is pretty and the red and white one robust.

Peter said he thought the red and white lot looked a bit big for cuttings, so I cut some of the bigger leaves in half to reduce moisture loss. Popped a plastic bag on their heads and on to the dining room window-sill. I’ll have to remember to move them if it gets really sunny. Chance would be a fine thing having seen the forecast.

More lupins have germinated and a few spring onions, but nothing else so far. I’m not worried, yet!

The birds behaviour around the bird feeder seems to have changed in the last few days. A couple of weeks ago it was always full. Now there are periods when it is completely empty, and then everyone arrives at once, as if someone rang the dinner gong. Perhaps they sense Spring is in the air.