Today my plug plants arrived, 40 begonias and 40 geraniums. First impressions were good, well packed in strong cardboard boxes, 84 little modules. (They send extra to allow for casualties).

The leaflet said they could be kept in these modules for up to 3 days as long as they were kept moist, and I must admit I was tempted as I had intended to cut the grass, but my enthusiasm got the better of me and I decided to do both jobs.

I’m very glad I did because when the begonias were poked out of their modules, their root balls were very, very, dry. I ran each one under the tap before planting it and then watered them thoroughly and then watered them again, just to be sure. I only hope I’ve caught them in time. The geraniums weren’t quite as dry.

I’ve potted them into 6 slot modules, again due to space issues, and all 84 are now sat in the conservatory blinking at the bright light, having been in a box for 2 days. They don’t look very well if I’m honest, I just hope they’ll have pulled themselves together by tomorrow.

Then I had a cup of tea before I cut the grass in front of the house, the field needs doing too, but I haven’t got any petrol for the mower, so that’s a job for another day.