I’ve known for some time now that, despite what you might read in the ornithological press,  sparrows are alive and well, and living in great numbers in our Lincolnshire garden.

Sadly, this didn’t really come across when I did my RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch earlier in the year. Though I did see more than the average.

Today, as I was staring out of the window whilst making lunch, I counted 30 sparrows grazing on the lawn. And I actually mean ‘counted’ it wasn’t a ‘guestimate’.

I don’t know what they were eating, as I hadn’t put out any food, but nevertheless, there they were, 30 sparrows, or at least 30 ‘little brown jobs’.

In fact I suspect there were more, because as you can imagine it was a pretty quick count, and I suspect some more would have been out of my sight, as the stepping stones are still sinking into oblivion and can easily hide a small brown sparrow.

Pretty good eh?