As the title suggests it is now 3 years since we bought our shed, Billy. Each year, around this time, I give him a lick of paint just to spruce him up and so far this strategy is working, because despite our original misgivings he is wearing quite well.

It’s not a particularly big job, once you clear some space in the surrounding area. A few plant pots are at the front, but behind is a bit of a dumping ground. 2 wheelie bins, an old metal dustbin and a couple of old garden chairs. It’s also where my bird feeder spends it’s summer. It’s an area that remains undisturbed for the majority of the year.

One of the benefits of grdening is having frequent visits from my little robin friend, particularly when I’m weeding and uncovering bugs for him. I always speak when he comes to see me, yes, I know I’m sad, and today was no exception.

He appeared as I was painting the back of the shed. “Hello”, I said, “I don’t think you’ll find any bugs to eat when I’m doing this job”.

How wrong could I be, no sooner had the words left my mouth than he was on the ground, prospecting, very successfully,  in the dead leaves that had laid un-disturbed for 12 months. He came ever closer, until he was only about 3′ away. Obviously plenty of creepy crawlies for him to eat.

So, there we are. Out-smarted by a robin.