Days 3 and 4 of the building work have passed without much incident, save to say the electrician called, disconnected the electrics, removed the consumer unit thing and then left, not to return until next Wednesday, so no more hot drinks then.

We’re told that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ so I thought that I might share a few thousand with you.

This is what’s left of the old kitchen, it will eventually be our new hall and we’re hoping there might be the original quarry tiles under the carpet.


In these next 2 we are looking through into the old bathroom.

oldkitchento bathroom


This one shows where our new kitchen will be, notice the wonderful larder cupboard on the left hand side.

into oldkitchenfromroom

Here we can see where the old pantry and the old sitting room have been knocked together. Pantry was on the right with the blue curtains.

pantryandroom from old kitchen

Work has also been going on upstairs, but as I’m too much of a wimp to climb the ladder, now the fixings have been removed, you’ll have to use your imagination.

Day 5 was a bit quiet as the wood, insulation materials, plasterboard etc. for the next stage won’t be delivered until Monday, so Peter and I spent a few more hours demolishing the last bits of the shed, which was still putting up a fight.