Well, the weather really is playing tricks with us this year. I’ve been desperate for about 2 weeks now to get my peas and broad beans planted out, but it’s just been so cold, not to mention windy.

Anyway, on Monday I finally got them out, and how splendid they look too in their neat little rows. I even managed to put the fleece barrier round the peas to protect them from pigeons etc.

Needless to say, following Tuesdays strong winds, that is now ripped to shreds, so I’m now working on ‘plan B’ whatever that is. I’m still pleased though, just to have got them planted out at last.

I now have a bit more room in the conservatory, which is still over flowing with seedlings of various sorts, but the forecast for the remainder of April is poor, so they will have to wait a little longer for their freedom.