At the end of March I was struggling to keep my seedlings watered and protected from the sun. A week later I was struggling to keep them warm and protected from frost!

Although it has warmed up slightly and the sun is shining from time to time, there is a wickedly cold wind, so whilst I’m waiting for some warm weather to return, my thoughts have turned to indoor pursuits.

How 2 people can accumulate so much ‘stuff’ is beyond me, though as I may have mentioned, we’re not very good at throwing things away, just in case ‘it might come in for something’.

But now the gloves are off. Major changes are afoot, in the shape of getting an additional wardrobe. I know this sounds like adding to our collection rather than reducing it, but the hope is it will help to arrange the ‘stuff’ we do have in a more satisfactory manner.

Anything that doesn’t make the cut will be thrown out (yes, that’s right, thrown out) given to a charity shop or put on EBay. I’ve already had some small successes in that regard and get quite excited when I receive bids and make sales.

Let’s face it, whatever I sell at this stage of my life is all profit, so I don’t mind small prices, but I have sold a couple of big ticket items too.

However, I digress. Getting a new wardrobe sounds quite simple when you say it quickly, but things are never that easy. That’s why yesterday afternoon I found myself painting a bedroom wall.

We’d cleared a space for the 6′ 6″ monster, but in doing so had highlighted the fact that the bedroom is badly in need of decorating. (We actually knew this already but had successfully ignored it up to that point.)

The thought of having to move this behemoth at a later date didn’t appeal to either of us, so the lesser evil was to paint the wall behind it now, before it arrived. So that is what I did.

Another bi-product of all this activity is making space to do things. As a result the middle bedroom, affectionately known as the ‘snug’, is piled high with stuff that is either in the way, waiting to be sold or waiting to be re-housed in the new wardrobe.

As I often use the ‘snug’ as a refuge from Peter’s snoring, getting into bed at 3am is like a cross between ‘Total Wipeout’ and ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’!