This year, for the second time, I’ve taken part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. Here are my results.

Like last year I watched through the kitchen window. The morning was sunny, but cold with no wind. I watched between 9.15am and 10.15am.

As I was doing it I couldn’t help feeling my observations were going to be down on last year so I was quite surprised when I came to compare the results.

Here are this years results, with last years in brackets.

Sparrows 14 (11)    Dunnock  2 (1)     Coal Tit 2 (1)     Chaffinch 2 (0)   Blackbird   5 (7)   Starling 2 (6)   Blue Tit 2 (3)  Great Tit 1 (2)   Robin 2 (4)  Collared Dove 2 (2).

Not as big a difference as I was expecting.

Just like last year I’ll compare my results with the national average, when they’re published. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy watching my birds.