At the end of last year I wrote what I thought would be my last post on the subject of the pub at the end of the garden. How wrong could I be? Things are beginning to happen.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been activity. Vehicles parked outside, windows open, smoke out of a chimney, mattresses propped up outside and curtains tied up as if to facilitate cleaning.

Then today the icing on the cake. The septic tank was pumped out. This is the septic tank that was installed last March, was big enough to live in and reputedly cost the brewery £50,000. The pub was already on it’s knees, and has been closed completely since September. They must have money to burn.

All of this, plus the arrival of a skip and strangers walking dogs in the lane, is a sure sign that the pub is about to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Watch this space.

Today was bright and breezy so I decided to have a close look at the plants in the conservatory. All winter I’ve really only watered them occasionally, and not much else. I’m pleased to say all was well apart from one fuchsia which had been attacked by vine weevil grubs.

I knew almost immediately just by looking at it, and a gentle tug on the stem confirmed my suspicions as the plant just lifted out of the pot with barely a root to it’s name.

I have been here before. Sometimes I can save them, sometimes I can’t. I washed what roots it had thoroughly,  pruned it, re-potted it and watered it well. Now only time will tell. I checked the other plants, who all seem to be OK which is a relief. Roll on Spring.

Incidentally I’m still keeping to my resolution and not getting carried away at the first sunbeam and bird song.

Finally, Happy Birthday to me, 58 today!!!!!