Now that the hedges are cut there are lots of other things that need attention, so today I had a proper gardening day. What with my knee, my shoulder and the weather, these ‘proper’ days have been a bit thin on the ground this year. It’s a wonder things look as good as they do.

I started first thing by collecting the twigs from yesterday. We’d been shopping and when we got back Peter decided to have his first go this year at licking the arch into shape. I can’t collect the twigs as we go along like with the hedge, because I have to hold the ladder. It was teatime by the time we finished, so the twigs got left until today.

Still needs work but we’re getting there.

Then I re-dug the potato bed to retrieve any stragglers that I’d missed the other day. Needless to say there were plenty. Then I dug up my shallots, and pulled out a few big weeds. My final job before dinner was to pull out my cauliflowers which have been a disaster. I’m just going to have to accept the fact, I can’t grow caulis.

After dinner I got the big mower out and mowed the field. Tomorrow I intend to neaten the twiddly bits with the Flymo. Busy, busy!!