Now that’s a question you don’t hear very often, in fact in all my 57 years I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before, and I’ve certainly never said it myself, that is until a couple of days ago.

We were on the beach at Cleethorpes, having given ourselves a well deserved day off after starting one of the hardest jobs of the gardening year. Cutting the hedges.

There it was, lapping on to the sand, a perfectly formed, perfectly healthy, perfectly intact, red onion. Bright and shiny in the sunshine, neither of us could quite believe our eyes. However, I digress.

We had started by cutting the inner hedge between the drive and the field. As you can see from this photo, quite a distance in itself. It actually stretches out of the shot to the right passed the garage and wends it’s way round the shed. (Sorry about the washing).


Then we did a few selected bits on the main hedge which runs between our property and the road. This was to get back to the correct level, which would help whoever does the rest of the cutting. At the moment we don’t know if it will be us, by hand, as in the previous 5 years, or our neighbour with his big machine like in the years just after we moved in.

The next photo shows a small part of what still has to be done, the difference in height can be seen by the gate and you can also see how it is the width as well as the height which is a problem.


The next picture shows where the trimmed inner hedge meets the partly trimmed outer hedge. The inner hedge is slightly lower. It looks a bit messy at the moment but will look good when it’s all been done.


That my friends is why we needed a day off!