A few days ago I did something really silly, and fell very heavily on my left knee. I won’t go into detail, lets just say it involved black bin liners, but I’m lucky not to have broken my knee cap, as I crashed with my full 9 stone on to the concrete.

It was quite painful at the time, and I wasn’t sure what damage I’d done, so applied an ice pack and some Germolene and waited . Fortunately after a few hours all seemed well, except for the fact that I still can’t kneel down.

My right knee has been suspect since I was at school, now my left knee has gone to join it. Needless to say everything I want to do at the moment involves kneeling down.

I’ve roughly dug over the vegetable beds, but now they need to be tidied and their straight edges of last year rediscovered. I’ve developed a technique that’s not quite kneeling, but not quite bending either, but it twists my back, so I only do a bit at a time.

I’ve sown some seeds and had quite good results so far. Leeks, Salvia Patens, Dahlias, Larkspur and Rudbeckia.

I’ve also tackled the geraniums at long last. What a waste. I’ve ended up dumping 35 pots of various sizes. The plants were completely dead after the harsh winter. I now only have 6 that have survived, and most of them look pretty weak. Ah the joys of gardening in an English climate!