Today I’ve had a lovely day out with my gardening chum, Sylvia. We went to Scawby Walled Garden a small, relatively unknown jewel in the crown of North Lincolnshire.

Admittedly it is a ‘work in progress’, but the potential is enormous, and with only a little imagination you can picture how it was in it’s hay day, and how it will be again in the future, hopefully.

I say ‘hopefully’ because it might take  the solitary lady gardener who we saw, the rest of her life, unless she gets some help

We discovered a couple of new plants that we both liked very much.

One was Salvia Patens, a beautiful blue specimen that simply takes your breath away.

The other Tricyrtis Formisana also known as the Toad Lily. This plant has the most beautiful shaped and patterned flowers, and as they were both flowering profusely today, a welcome addition to any garden at this time of year.

Salvia Patens Toad Lily

We both intend to get these in time for our own gardens next year. Watch this space.