Have I spoken too soon about getting rid of the old tree? I do hope not, but it’s now 10 days since I was feeling smug about it, and no sign of further progress.

Having said that, the work that was  done on the 4th did spur me into some action. I started to clear out the ditch. 12 years of our debris plus who knows how many more years on top of that. There were brambles in there older than me.

It was all going very well until Peter spiked a hibernating hedgehog with the rake, so we decided to stop there before we did any more damage.

I’ve also cut the clematis back that grows by the kitchen window, and sowed my first seeds of the year. 48 leeks in modules, covered, and put on top of the central heating boiler.

I also splashed out and bought a toad lily and a Goji berry on E Bay. I’ve already bought some salvia patens seeds a few weeks ago. Gradually I can feel Spring on the way.

Wish I could say the same about the tree surgeon!