It is said that ‘one year’s seeding makes seven years’ weeding’. Old wives tale or fact?
Well until recently, if pressed, I would probably have gone with the old wives tale. However now I’m not so sure.The reason for this change of heart? The lack of dandelions in the field this year.

Certainly a few weeks ago they were much in evidence as usual, but now they’ve almost completely disappeared, when in previous years they have been only too pleased to raise their heads again after each mowing.

Ever since we moved here 11 years ago, I have been doing battle with them, but nothing seemed to worked. Each year there would be just as many again. It seemed that nothing I tried had any effect on them. Perhaps I was wrong.

Could it be that all my hard work over the last few years simply needed time to work it’s way through natures cycle? Or could I be deluding myself. Perhaps the weather conditions have simply not suited the dandelions this year. Who knows?

I suppose only time will tell. Roll on next year!