I think it’s time to take stock of the gardening year, after all we are half way through 2009 now. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

Things such as the broad beans, potatoes,onions, strawberries, shallots, leeks are mostly OK, but a few other things need a special mention.

The peas are a dead loss, something has eaten them despite the cloches, so the pea crop is set to be disappointing. The sweetcorn, which are normally so easy to grow are looking less than vigorous. I’m sure we will have some corns, but yield will be down on previous years.

Tomatoes are looking good after a slow start. Asparagus has been disappointing. The cauliflowers which were eaten to within an inch of their lives a few weeks ago have rallied, and I now have some tiny curds forming, about the size of a large marble, so all is not lost I’m pleased to say.

The geranium and begonia plug plants that looked so ill a few weeks ago have at last begun to look like they’re interested in growing and the fuchsia cuttings that did root are now turning into proper little plants.

The flower beds are looking colourful, and all my grass edges around them were beautifully neat and straight, that is until the mole turned up.

He’s been a problem on and off for years, but never before has he turned up on the lawn in front of the house. I do wish he would go and live somewhere else for the summer, so I can get my neat edges back.

I need to weed my raspberries, sort out the compost heap and have a bonfire. Then I need to tackle the weeds around the pond. I’m waiting for the tadpoles to grow up before I start that. In between I need to weed everything else and cut the grass. Hey-ho, never a dull moment.