There’s a ‘phobia’ for everything these days. Xanthophobia – fear of the colour yellow, turophobia – fear of cheese, we’ve all heard of coulrophobia – fear of clowns, and my personal favourite omphalophobia – fear of the navel. Well, I might have a new one for you.

Whilst we’re waiting for the legal stuff to happen, we’ve been pouring over plans for the alterations to our new bungalow. During these deliberations we’ve been considering the possibility of a ‘free-standing’ kitchen, made from interesting individual pieces.

Needless to say this idea relies heavily on finding the right piece, at the right time, at the right price. So where better to start such a search than E-Bay.

Every time Peter finds a piece he likes, I ask, “How big is it?” I just can’t help myself, as I’m still haunted by our experiences with the footstools and wardrobe.

Not to mention the trauma of moving here, when the table and sofa were too big for the doors and had to go through the window!!

So, there we are. I have a fear of large furniture. Find a ‘phobia’ for that!!