It’s always good to start the year with a good news story, so here’s a small one to get things going.

Remember I wrote about how, despite my best attempts, the birds at our new address wouldn’t eat my bird food?

Well, in desperation, just before Xmas, I moved the seed feeder to join the ‘fat block’ on the washing post in the garden away from the house.

Then on December 29th I finally got my first birds feeding. Since then the seed holder has needed filling regularly, and the bread I put out has begun to disappear quicker.

Though the ‘fat block’ had been mostly un-touched, this lunchtime I saw a woodpecker pecking away at it.

Only a small ‘good news’ story, but they all count. My heart goes out to the people in the south of England who are still struggling with horrendous flooding. They need some ‘BIG’ good news.