‘Katie Weatherhogg’, if she actually exists, is a very popular person and much in demand. How do I know this? In the 9 weeks we have lived in our temporary cottage, we have taken more phone calls for ‘Katie’ than we have for ourselves, we reckon in the region of 40 or 50.

We got this number registered with the Telephone Preference Service when we moved in, as we have no desire to be pestered by telephone marketeers, but as you can see this has had little effect so far, presumably because the calls we are getting are historical.

In the beginning we didn’t mind, and told people politely that Katie was no longer on this number. But as time went on we began to get fed up and mildly irritated, in the end we just got plain angry, as the calls kept on coming, indeed I’ve just taken 2 this morning, which is what has prompted this out pouring.

We have asked callers politely, rudely and angrily to be taken off whatever ‘list’ they are working from. They have all agreed to do that, ‘no problem’ (God how I hate that phrase) but still the calls come.

Well now the gloves are off, I’m starting my own list, and anyone who calls is being told that they are being put on it and that I will be sending it to the Telephone Preference Service in due course.

We shall see what effect, if any, this has. In the meantime, ‘Katie Weatherhogg’ where are you??!!

P.S. I took a further call for Katie in the afternoon.