As a child I loved doing jig-saw puzzles, in fact I still do, and I’m quite good at them, but yesterday we spent all day doing the hardest jig-saw of my life.

That is to say, digging up part of the old patio to go in front of the doors where the conservatory used to be, and making this ‘new’ bit join seamlessly with the old bit that isn’t getting dug up. And all without buying anymore paving slabs.

In short one complicated jig-saw puzzle, without a picture to guide us, and moving the heaviest pieces in the world.

As you can see from the following picture we did it in the end, all we have to do now is level and space them all correctly.

To the right is the existing patio area that isn’t being dug up. In the foreground is where some of the old patio used to be, which will now be turfed to blend in with the lawn.

Then all we have to do is get rid of the remaining rubble. Sounds quite easy when you say it quickly. Can’t wait!