For the second time in less than a year I find myself singing the praises of the humble nasturtium.

I collected last years seeds and sowed them among the broad beans hoping they would control the black fly. As things have turned out the black fly needed their thermal undies and an umbrella this year, so haven’t been much of a problem.

Now the broad beans are almost done, the nasturtiums come into their own. Bright, vivid colours ranging from the palest yellow through flamboyant orange to the deepest red. There is even one plant that is mottled yellow and red, an absolute picture.

They don’t come true from seed, as I proved when the pale yellow ones I saved separately from last year came up glorious orange, but who cares!

The nasturtium must be one of the most under-rated flowers in the garden. Easy to grow from either bought or collected seeds, brilliant vibrant colours, and you can put them in salads too! How cool is that?