A few days ago, between showers(!) I decided to collect some seeds from one of my favourite Aquilegias, ‘McKana’. They were tiny, ripe, jet black and very shiny. I was amused to see one being carried off by an ant, and childhood memories of cartoon ants raiding picnics came flooding back.

So yesterday coming from the conservatory I was surprised to see a ripe pod I must have missed. Even without my glasses I could see the black shiny seeds just waiting to be collected.

I nipped off the pod and shook the seeds into the palm of my hand. Suddenly to my amazement they appeared to move. I screwed my eyes and peered at them closer only to find that these particular ‘seeds’ had legs. Eight I would suggest if I’d been able to see them.

Yes, they were baby spiders, whose nursery had been an Aquilegia seed pod! I knew I wore glasses for a reason!