After the success of Stage 1 of our new project, (doing up the old settle) we decided to make Stage 2 more interesting by making it into a sort of game. All the work and improvements we’d done so far had been done from bits and pieces we had in ‘stock’ and hadn’t cost us a penny. The challenge now was to complete the entire project in the same vein.

And so began the search for ‘upholstery’ items in the garage roof. We’d already identified an old kilim, that we’d used for display purposes in our shop some 14 years earlier, as a likely candidate for the outer cover.

It was faded quite badly in places but it would do until we could find (I mean buy) something more suitable. Now we needed ‘padding’. It didn’t take long to find some old underlay and an off-cut of the bathroom carpet, which seemed ideal for the job.

After much folding and cutting, hoovering and tacking, the job was done, and it hadn’t cost us a penny. See what you think.

Original condition, before restoration.

Following initial cleaning etc.

Finished item, for the time being anyway.