March is such a frustrating month, offering us tantalizing glimpses of Spring one day, then plunging us back into winter the next. As I write this, mid-morning, the temperature is only 3c, yet a few days ago it was a warm and sunny 16c. It really does my head in.

Having said that Spring is my favourite time of year, so I shouldn’t grumble, but I must be in that kind of mood, because I’m now going to grumble about something else.

I wrote a few days ago about sowing Sylvia’s Sunflowers. I sowed a lot more than I needed as their germination rate had been so poor last year. I then sowed twice as many again as part of my ‘black’ or ‘white’ experiment.

Well guess what? There seems to be no difference in the germination rate of either. In fact they’ve all germinated like fun. I’m now the proud owner of 23 ‘Sylvia’s Sunflower’ seedlings! Only 1 white seed has so far failed to germinate.

Goodness knows where I will put them all. I might give some back to Sylvia!