What kind of gardener are you? I’m a bit experimental in a sort of ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along’ kind of way. Take this morning for example.

One of my favourite ‘new’ plants of last year was ‘Sylvias’s Sunflower’. A bit temperamental in the beginning (I nearly gave up on them several times) they eventually grew and flowered beautifully and so became a plant I want to grow every year.

To that end, I collected lots of seeds last year and stored them in a jar in the fridge. This morning I decided to sow some.

I was going to sow 12, with the hope of maybe getting 6 to germinate. As much as I would like more, they’re tall and top-heavy, and our garden is very windy, so there is a limit to where I can plant them safely.

I hadn’t taken much notice when I was collecting the seeds but when I opened the jar there were 2 distinct kinds. White ones and black ones.

“What’s the difference?” I wondered to myself. ” I don’t know” I replied, “let’s find out”. So, instead of sowing just 12, I sowed 24, 12 black ones and 12 white ones.

Will they germinate? Will there be any difference between them if they do? I don’t know, but it will be fun finding out. Tune in later for the result.

That’s the kind of gardener I am. (I should probably get out more!)