Well, 3 weeks ago it was so cold the pipes froze. 3 days ago it was so warm it felt like Spring was really here. Today it’s cold, wet and miserable with snow forecast for later, on high ground. Is it any wonder we Brits are obsessed by our weather?

Not much to do outdoors then, though I have prepared a couple more vegetable beds in the last few days, ready for the onions and shallots.

Some indoor seed germination has also begun. White daisies are the best, yellow daisies not so good. I don’t know if either will come true, but it’s fun finding out.

The ‘bought’ Salvia Patens seeds have also germinated giving me 7 out of 10. I’ve now sown 24 of my own collected seed and I’m treating them in exactly the same way, so it will be interesting to see what result I get.

No sign of the antirrhinums or nicotiana germinating, but there is just a hint of larkspur.

It won’t be long now before I’m sowing tomatoes, peas, broad beans etc. I’ve decided to concentrate more on flowers this year and still have dahlias, cosmos and verbena to sow at the very least.

The 12 ‘Lucifers’ that I potted on the other day are looking a bit sad. I hope it’s just a phase they’re going through.

All winter, one of the fuchsias in the conservatory has been flowering it’s socks off, but sadly the weekend of the burst pipe hit it hard. I hoped it might rally when the temperatures improved, but it’s still looking sad.

I was going to prune it in Spring and take some cuttings, but all the soft new tips I was going to use have withered and died, so I think I’ll just have to prune what I can to make it look neater and hope it pulls it’s socks up in the coming weeks.

Oh the joys of gardening in England.

PS.  Never mind ‘high ground’, it was snowing here by teatime!