You can’t beat a real-life, feel-good story for the beginning of the year, and they don’t come any better than this heartwarming tale that I read about earlier today.

A lady in Sweden lost her wedding ring 16 years ago. The story goes that she had taken it off in the kitchen, whilst doing some Xmas baking, and it had disappeared. Lost forever, or perhaps not?

A few days ago she was digging up some carrots in her vegetable garden, and guess what she found?

She pulled up a carrot only to find that this lucky vegetable had grown through her lost ring and was wearing it as a sort of carrot necklace!!

How cool is that? If this story doesn’t give you a warm glow for the start of the new year, I don’t know what will.

On a serious note, perhaps it should be a lesson to all of us. Never, ever, give up hope.

Happy New Year.