Well, after over-indulging over Xmas, we went for a walk up the lane yesterday, it was very mild for the time of year. It actually felt like Spring.

It’s not unusual to see green daffodil shoots at this time of year, but imagine our surprise when we noticed that one actually had a yellow opening bud.

I spoke to my sister on Xmas Day. She lives in the north east of Scotland near Aberdeen, and she told me she had cowslips flowering in her garden. Today I noticed we have a pink antirrhinum in flower, and there is a fuchsia in the conservatory flowering it’s socks off.

Everything is too soon. I read somewhere that last year at this time it was -16c, this year it is +12c which is a huge difference, particularly if you convert it to fahrenheit, some 50 degrees in fact.

I’ve often wondered why, in the UK at least, we tend to use Celsius in winter and Fahrenheit in summer, I think I might just have answered my own question!

Anyway, I fear it will end in tears.