This gardening year will mostly be remembered for it’s weather. We were snowed in for 2 weeks before last Xmas, we’ve had no snow whatsoever this year (so far),  it hasn’t been particularly warm but it has been pretty dry and we’ve had lots and lots of wind.

The last few weeks have been remarkably mild, in fact I was picking strawberries again 2 days ago, which got me wondering what it was like this time last year.

My memory is hopeless, but fortunately I keep a bit of a diary, which tells me that this time last year we were also having warm, sunny days, though no strawberries.

In fact we were still having warm, sunny days right up to the 15th or so. Within 2 weeks of that we were snowed in.

Is it any wonder we Brits are obsessed with the weather?

Happy Bonfire Night.