A few days ago I wrote about 30 sparrows on the lawn, well yesterday I think I had another sparrow record.

Incidentally I counted 30 starlings sat on the telephone wire a couple of days ago.

The weather over the last few days has been hot and sunny, in fact better than anything we’ve had all year, very unseasonal. We’re trying to make the most of it, as are the birds, plants and animals in the garden and there are times when we all feel the need to cool down.

I looked out of the kitchen window at lunchtime just in time to see 7 sparrows all splashing about together in the birdbath. This birdbath is an earthenware plant saucer of about 16″ in diameter, which sits on a table just outside the kitchen. With 7 sparrows in it it was pretty full, and I had to go out and fill it when they’d finished.

On the subject of bird bathing, my little robin friend is back into his old routine. Each day at dusk he comes to the birdbath for a good splash about before bed. Knowing he’s going to be there makes washing-up a little less of a chore.