You don’t realise how big something is until you come to cut it down. The old tree was a good example of that, but this time I’m actually talking about my buddleja globosa which is another casualty of the harsh winter.

Fortunately it is not all bad news. Whilst the branches are all dead, there is new growth emerging from the base. Fresh new leaves, so, as long as I’m patient it will come back.

I only realised the problem when I was pulling out some goosegrass, as if I needed another job to do! Anyway off I went for the loppers and began to cut.

There are now huge piles of branches in the drive and I still haven’t finished. I’ll have to take a saw to some of the bigger ones. It’s much too hot for this kind of work, you’d think it would be much colder, after all it is coming up to Easter.