We all know it’s been a hard winter, but I feel it may have been harder than we realised for some of our little furry friends.

A few days ago I was clearing out the conservatory as my plants and seedlings are gradually going outside, and I’m turning my attention to gro-bags and tomatoes.

Amongst the things I moved were the Flymo electric hover mower and an old cast iron mower that we bought in an auction for £1 as a garden ornament.

Imagine my surprise when under each mower I found a small stash of cat biscuits and sunflower seeds. Someone had obviously been using the mowers as a larder for their winter supplies.

But imagine my greater surprise when earlier today I got the big mower out of the garage to find that a large area of it’s black, plastic seat had been eaten away.

You must have to be very, very hungry to eat black plastic, unless of course it was being used for bedding material, either way it’s a mess.

Incidentally, the mower wouldn’t start, we’re not sure why. So in a vain attempt to get  it going the battery is currently (excuse th pun) on charge. If that doesn’t cure it I’ll be off to see my friend across the road, clutching a bottle of wine!