More nice weather and more jobs done, one of which was to give Billy the shed a coat of paint coming up to his second birthday.

He really is in remarkably good nick considering the shaky start we had with him. I’m really pleased.

This hot, end of summer weather is just great, but it’s spoilt by the number of wasps about.

I’m sure they are attracted by the apple trees in the garden, but you only need to have the door open for a moment and they’re inside the house.

We like the door open in summer, originally it was for the cats, but now they’re gone we like it open too, and have a bead curtain for the purpose of keeping the insects out.

It works pretty well most of the time, but not it seems for wasps. Needless to say once inside they prefer the kitchen, and seem reluctant to leave even when the window is open.

I’m no cook and trying to make tea with 4 wasps buzzing round your head is no fun. The air is often blue, I hope no-one can hear me!

They have an un-nerving habit of sitting on the drawer and cupboard handles and the handle of the kettle, not to mention cutlery waiting to be washed up.

I have a horror of putting my hand on one and getting stung. (Yes, I’m a wimp) So the mantra of the moment is ‘look before you touch’.