Well the last few months have been pretty trying,  my mum died in November, my cat in December, one of my oldest friend in January, and a few weeks ago my dad died too.

I’m beginning to feel a bit ‘got at’, though I know this is nothing compared to what some people have to suffer. Nevertheless, I have had better times.

Perhaps because of all this, or perhaps just because I’m getting old, I  don’t seem to have got going this year, and the good weather was a long time coming too. Eventually summer did arrive but now I’m all behind.

Parts of the country are whispering the dreaded ‘D’ word, drought.It doesn’t seem two minutes since we were battling with floods. Ah the vagaries of the British weather.

I’ve tried to do my jobs in order of urgency, so at least everything is sown and planted. Now just the weeding to catch up on.

So, there we are. I wonder what else life has in store? Perhaps it’s best if we don’t know.