As promised today I continued with the grass cutting programme, though to be honest I was so shattered after yesterdays exertions that all I could manage was the strimming. There is still a lot of grass to be Flymo’d, but that will have to be for another day.

So I put the new strimmer through it’s paces, not a flawless performance, but some of that could be down to my inexperience. We both hope to do better next time. It did a tolerable enough job, and is certainly much easier and quicker going round the bottom of the trees than a pair of scissors!

I then did a few ‘liitle’ jobs. Filled the pond, tied up the broad beans, potted up some baby hawthorn that I hope to use to fill some gaps in the hedge when they grow up. I also potted on the original fuchsia cuttings, but two of them are looking a bit ill now, I hope I haven’t killed them. In fact one or two things are looking a bit off colour, not least the tomatoes, which I’m quite worried about.

Finally I dug over the last remaining vegetable bed, which is where the sweetcorn will go in a week or two. The final tally is 34 from 36, a success rate of 94.5% germination. Interestingly the two ‘no shows’ were both bought seeds.