On Wednesday June 8th at around 4.30pm, disaster struck.

The frozen shoulder I have been suffering for many months took a serious turn for the worst. My right arm is now completely immobile, and that’s before I go on to the pain, which is mostly a dull, throbbing, ache interrupted at frequent intervals by excruciating agony. I’ve never known pain like it.

I’m right handed, but even if I wasn’t I suspect the outcome would be the same. There will be no gardening getting done here in the foreseeable future.

It breaks my heart to think of my garden going to rack and ruin, but I can barely brush my teeth, so what chance do I have of cutting the grass or similar?

Internet research would indicate a prognosis of something between 2 and 3 years. I find this notion  un-speakably depressing, even if I have already had it about 9 months.

So there we are, things are going to be quiet on this website for the foreseeable future, but I promise I will be back.