A  few weeks have now passed and things are improving slowly. A trip to the doctor has thrown more light on my situation. She feels I over-stretched my already frozen shoulder and tore a muscle. Hence the terrible pain. The muscle has now healed, and the pain is much reduced, though lack of movement is still an issue. The good news is, I can use my computer and potter about.

There are lots of jobs I still can’t do, but there are plenty that I can. The pain is now manageable without medication, the movement is better than it was, but the worst thing is the fear. I’m scared of over doing it and tearing a muscle again.

Medically I don’t know if this is likely, but I’m off to the physio in a couple of weeks, so I’ll be asking her.

When I was really suffering a few weeks ago, it was the fear, along with the pain that was the real killer. Not knowing how long it would last, weeks, months, years? The un-known along with my imagination was making a bad situation worse. Fear and inorance are a terrible thing.