The wind is still blowing, but at least it is warm and sunny now, so yesterday we decided to spend the day at the seaside, in Skegness.

We’ve been dozens of times over the last 13 years, and while the town itself is usually busy, the traffic is never a problem. Yesterday that all changed.

As we approached the outskirts of the town we hit a very slow moving traffic jam. Waiting in the queue gave us ample time to muse as to what was causing it.

Could it be the half-term school holidays, or perhaps the ‘credit crunch’ was forcing people to holiday in the UK, after all we’d been here on Bank Holidays that were quieter than this.

After what seemed like an age we edged our way into the town, just in time to see the cause of the delay. A female mallard was waddling  into a garden followed by a long line of ducklings, after that the road was clear. Yes, we’d all been held up by ducks!

Reggie Perrin famously chronicled the reasons for his train delays, now we have one too.

Delayed into Skegness, ducklings crossing road  at Ashington End.