Wind, wind and more wind, what is it with the weather this year? It seems to have been windy forever, and I don’t just mean a gentle breeze, it’s been blowing a gale here most of the time.

The garden is suffering. It amazes me how things survive in these conditions, and it’s been so dry too. Not a good combination.

But what can you do? Not a lot really, apart from the obvious. Move pots, stake tall plants, tie in others, then just hope for the best.

The fleece barriers that I put around my peas, and the other I have recently put around my strawberries have taken a real pasting, but so far are still attached, if a little precariously in places.

April was hot and sunny, May has been a complete disappointment, being cold, cloudy and windy. It seems in Canada my penfriend is having better luck. Here is a picture she took yesterday because it was too hot to do any gardening. Hey-ho.