‘They’ said there is going to be a frost tonight. According to my last years gardening diary our first frost in Autumn 2008 was 27th October, so do I believe ‘them’?

Should I take precautions or risk it?

The geraniums that gave me such cause for concern earlier in the year are still in full flower with their majestic scarlet blooms. I want to save as many of them as I can for next year.

Then come the Spring, depending what state they’re in, I’ll  either pot them up into tubs again, use them for cuttings or just plant them in a flower bed.

Therefore I don’t want the frost to get them, but potting them into smaller, manageable pots that I can lift into the conservatory will mean I lose their flowers and all that lovely colour.

In the end I’ve  decided to cover them with an old curtain and hope for the best. Fingers crossed.