It’s quite a task at this time of year keeping an eye on everything. I seem to spend my life moving things in or out of the sun, or just simply watering. The fuchsia cuttings in particular are very susceptible to extreme temperature as I found out on 06.03.09 .

Thankfully they survived that little set back. They still have a bag on their head and still look OK, but I daren’t check them for roots just yet, as I’m a bit of a wimp. I did lose one a few days ago, it just seemed to rot away, but the rest are all alive.

The 126 hardy perennial seedlings are susceptible to drying out. Due to space issues, and the fact that they aren’t very big yet, I pricked them out into modules about 1″ square. A good idea as long as I water them several times a day.

Today I potted on most of my tomatoes. The ‘Tigerellas’ are a bit behind as I had to sow them again, so they’ll get done another day. All the rest have survived the re-potting procedure well, and even the one that I dropped on it’s head soon after seems to have forgiven me.

The next thing to think about is hardening off the stuff that will be planted outside. At the moment all these plants are in the conservatory. I would be doing it now, but the weather is so windy, and not particularly warm for the time of year, so I think I’ll be best leaving it a day or two.

I’ve just remembered, I should be getting 80 plug plants from Sutton’s in the next week or two. They will all need potting on, and hardening off too. I think we need a bigger house!