Never let it be said that we don’t do a proper job once we start. Despite feeling absolutely dreadful after yesterdays activities, we were out in the garden again this afternoon to finish what we’d started.

Skimming turf is never an easy job, and it was amazing how much we had to do following yesterdays measuring. We’ve developed a method for this which seems to work very well. Peter goes along the cut line with the hoe and I lift and remove the turf as it becomes loose.

Depending on the quality of the grass and the width of the piece involved, sometimes it comes up in lovely long strips, other times it just comes up in 6″ chunks. Either way these pieces are then used to infill some of the mysterious holes and depressions that are appearing around the garden.

We spent 2 hours on this, which might not sound a long time, but given what we felt like after yesterday it was quite long enough.

We now have 9 beautifully square 16′ x 4′ vegetable beds separated by 6 circular beds and 3′ grass paths. Perfect. The clever bit is over now so all I have to do is finish relocating all the off-cuts. Simple!