Today we finally tackled the Pythagoras job in the vegetable garden. We’ve been working up to it for weeks. What a job! Not made easier by the fact that we’re both still suffering the effects of a very bad cough and cold. But the sun was shining (even though it was blowing a gale) and the job needed doing urgently, so that’s what we did.

Lots of pegs, string and a 30′ tape measure are the tools required, but the most important thing is a logical, methodical,mathematical brain, which I haven’t got.

The geometry is so way above my head that I get a nose bleed just thinking about it. Suffice to say, I do the leg work whilst Peter is the brains of the outfit. I try to work out what I need to measure next, but usually get it wrong.

It took us the best part of 3 hours, and even then the whole job wasn’t finished. It’s quite amazing how over the years the beds have kind of moved and shrunk. So the next job is to skim the turf off the encroaching bits and use it to in-fill the empty bits, but I think that is for another day.