You know when you make a decision to do something and just when it looks like things are working out as you planned you become overwhelmed by self-doubt? Are you doing the right thing? Could you do it different or better?

Well, at long last, after what feels like several lifetimes, our latest offer on the 1930’s bungalow we’ve been stalking since August, has been accepted.

The legal shenanigans have still to be finalised, but already we’re experiencing the self-doubt. Is this the right property, could we have looked at more houses? After all when you watch Kirstie and Phil, their clients have often looked at and disregarded dozens. How many have we viewed?

This prompted us to make a list of the houses we actually looked round during our search, and to our surprise we had been round 16 properties.

We then tried to remember how many we had just done ‘drive-by’ viewings. After a lot of head scratching we stopped at 25. So, at least 41 in total, which seems a reasonable number, plus hundreds more viewed on line.

This then led us to a rather interesting observation. When we moved to Lincolnshire from Yorkshire in 1998, remember there was no internet then, we can only remember looking round 6 properties.

So there we are. This website is testament to the fact that we made the right decision back then. Did this revelation make us feel better?