It’s becoming a daily routine, walk around the field and see what bizarre or grizzly thing you can find that wasn’t there yesterday, and so it was today.

Neither of us have any clue as to the identity of the first thing we found, so I will describe it to you. Made from metal and rubber, black and rectangular, about 2½” x 3½” x 1″ deep and weighing in at a remarkably heavy 1lb 3oz.

It reminds me of a scaled-up and beefier version of the brake pads you used to get on push-bikes in the 1960’s. I shudder to think of the consequences had we not found it, as I could easily have run over it with my mower. Result? Carnage!

I don’t think we can blame the fox for that particular piece of flotsam, but we might be able to for the next, or can we?

A mole, squashed flat as a pancake, looking for all the world like it had been run over by a car. I expected it to be thin, dry and ‘crisp’, thinking it might have blown in from the road following the very strong winds we’ve been having. It wasn’t at all ‘crisp’ when I picked it up, but where had it come from to be in that shape in our field?

It wasn’t there yesterday and I haven’t had my mower out, not that I would havre run over a mole anyway, even though I do hate his ‘hills’. I already drive around butterflies and bees to avoid mowing them.

Here is a picture of the poor little chap.

I’ll be going out shortly to see what I can find today.