The other day I wrote about the strange goings-on in our field, well today it got stranger and grizzlier.

Despite the strong winds we’d spent the afternoon pottering in the garden, and just before coming in decided to have a walk round the field.

There were several signs of dead birds, probably wood pigeons judging by their feathers.  One looked like it had put up a real fight in the middle of my leeks. In fact one leek was uprooted and several yards away from the bed.

Finding remains of the odd bird is not unusual in itself but following the events of the other day it had occurred to us that there have been rather a lot recently.

Then we found it. What can I say? It was un-doubtedly the hind-leg of a hare. Nothing else, just it’s hind-leg. Guess who’s going to have to move that before she next cuts the grass?

That was the grizzly, next came the bizarre. A large, perfectly healthy potato in the middle of the field. All mine were dug up and put away weeks ago, but it wasn’t even near to my veg beds anyway.

I think it would be fair to say we definitely have a fox, but not just any fox. This one likes his meat with 2 veg!